Dr Colleen Curran

  • Insular Palaeography & Manuscript Culture (especially early medieval Brittany, Cornwall, England, and Wales and the adoption of Caroline minuscule)
  • Manuscript Transmission, Dissemination, and Reception of Anglo-Latin Poetry
  • Cross-Cultural Literary and Scribal Connections between Wessex, Brittany, and Francia



I am primarily interested in the morphology of the Insular script system, especially those scribes who adopt Caroline minuscule within their pre-existing scribal tradition, and what historical questions this palaeographical evidence can lead to. Within the scope of the CLASP project, my research concerns the identification and analysis of Anglo-Latin poetry. In particular, I research the manuscript witnesses of Anglo-Latin poetry and their wider transmission, dissemination and reception, especially via the Continent.


  • PhD, Palaeography & Manuscript Studies, King's College London
  • MPhil, English (Medieval), St. Hilda's College, The University of Oxford
  • B.A., English, Medieval Studies, College of the Holy Cross