We are always keen to receive news from alumni, as well as publicising the Faculty's research and the achievements of our current students. We are now accepting possible contributions to the next edition of the magazine and the newsletter. If you would like to contribute your news, please get in touch with the English Faculty Office.

Alumni News

Spotlight, our alumni e-newsletter is available to download here. This newsletter keeps you in touch with current news, research and developments in the Faculty, as well as with other alumni.

Issue 1, August 2016

Issue 2, April 2017

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Alumni event: Postcolonial Conversations, 3 June 2017

English Faculty alumni are invited to join us on the afternoon of Saturday June 3rd for an event held jointly with the History Faculty. We will start at 2pm in the English Faculty with a short discussion led by Professor Elleke Boehmer and Professor Ankhi Mukherjee on the psyche and history of colonial/postcolonial literature, after which we will move up to the Pitt Rivers Museum. Here Professor Boehmer, Professor Mukherjee and Dr David Dwan (English Faculty) will be in discussion with members of the History Faculty about approaches to postcolonialism. The day will end with a drinks reception in the Museum Court, and an opportunity to look around some of the museum’s collection. Tickets for the event cost £25.

For more information, or to book a place, click here.

Alumni Networking


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Contacting fellow alumni

We have a database of alumni of the English Faculty. The provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 prevent us from sharing the contact details of our alumni to third parties without their prior consent. If you would like to contact an old friend, we are happy to help you get in touch by forwarding a message. Please contact the Faculty Office.




Alumni Day 2016

Photo: Rebecca Costello

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