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Oxford’s English Faculty is the largest in Britain, and one of the most illustrious Schools of English in the world. Established in 1894, it has numbered among its members some of the most important critics and scholars in the field, including J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Edmund Blunden, Nevill Coghill, Helen Gardner, Richard Ellmann, Terry Eagleton, and many others.

We are now home to nearly eighty Professors, Readers, and Lecturers, with about the same number again of Tutors and Research Fellows based in Colleges. At any one time, there are roughly a thousand students studying within the Faculty at undergraduate level, and another three hundred at graduate level in the largest English graduate school in the country.

Traditionally, teaching and research in the Faculty has covered the entire history of literature in English from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present day, along with language studies. More recent growth areas include world literature and film studies. All areas of study and research are amply provided for by the English Faculty Library.

The English Faculty works closely with the Disability Advisory Service and the Colleges to provide support for disabled students and fully supports the University's Common Framework for Supporting Disabled Students. The Faculty's Disability Lead is Ros Ballaster, Chair of the Faculty Board, and the Disability Coordinator is Andy Davice. Please do not hesitate to contact Andy Davice if you have any questions about disability support in the English Faculty.

The English Faculty has two harassment advisors who can offer support to staff and students who think they are being harassed in any way. Should you have any concerns about harassment, please contact David Dwan or Hannah Sullivan.

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