Dr Adam Guy



The nouveau roman and Writing in Britain After Modernism (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019). 



Scholarly Edition

The Oxford Edition of the Works of Dorothy Richardson, Volume VI: Pilgrimage 5 & 6 – Interim and Deadlock (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2024).



Journal Articles

‘Reading the Data Subject’ (as member of the Privacy Settings Collective), Post45, cluster on ‘Reading with Algorithms’, forthcoming 2023.

‘Ann Quin on Tape: Three’s Auralities’, Women: A Cultural Review, 33.1 (2022): 73-92. 

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‘The Noise of Mediation: Dorothy Richardson’s Sonic Modernity’, Modernism/modernity, 27.1 (2020): 81–101.

‘Editing Experiment: The New Modernist Editing and Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage’ (co-authored with Scott McCracken), Modernist Cultures, 15.1 (2020): 110–31.

‘Who Cares About the Stream of Consciousness? On Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage’, Literature Compass, 17.6 (2020). 

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‘“that’s a scientific fact”: Christine Brooke-Rose’s Experimental Turn’, Modern Language Review,  111 (2016): 936–55.



Book Chapters

‘Walter de la Mare and Literary Impressionism in Review: From Joseph Conrad to Dorothy Richardson’, in Yui Kajita, Angela Leighton, and Anna Nickerson (eds), Walter de la Mare: Critical Appraisals (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2022), pp. 213–28.

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Book Reviews / Shorter Articles

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I have taught in Oxford at both Faculty- and college-level for some years, working with college students on Prelims Paper 1 (Introduction to Literature), Paper 3 (Literature in English 1830–1910), and Paper 4 (Literature in English 1910–Present), as well as FHS Paper 5 (Literature in English, 1760–1830). I have convened and co-convened the Paper 6 Courses 'Writers and the Cinema', 'The Avant-Garde', and 'Literature's Silences', as well as the MSt C-Courses 'Fiction in Britain Since 1945: History, Time and Memory', 'Some Versions of Modernism', 'Political Reading', and 'Literature and the Platform'; I also convened the 'Materials Texts' strand of the MSt B-Courses. My own lectures series include 'Some Versions of Modernism' and 'Theory in Context'; I regularly contribute to lecture circuses such as 'Adventures in Form' and 'Black Letters Matter'. I have supervised numerous undergraduate and Master's dissertations on a range of 19th-21st century writing, theory, and cinema, as well as acting as co-supervisor for doctoral theses on twentieth- and twenty-first-century topics.