Dr Foteini Dimirouli

My research interests lie in the area of comparative literature and world literature of the twentieth century. I am currently working on a monograph on the critical and literary contributions of English and American authors (E.M. Forster, Lawrence Durrell, W.H. Auden, Joseph Brodsky, Stephen Spender, James Merrill) to the cultural standing of the Greek-Alexandrian poet C.P. Cavafy. Beyond the particularities of the case study, this project looks at the cultural dialogue and power imbalances implicated in the accumulation of an author's cultural capital, the workings of the cultural field at any given historical and political moment, and the correspondence between canon formations and authorial networks. My new project falls within the area of press history and cultural studies. It explores how wide-reaching Anglophone cultural journals, such as The New Review of Books, mobilised Greek authors and their work to link political, social, and economic crises in Greece to concerns of global relevance.