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European romanticism: ambivalent responses to the sense of a new epoch

Byron and Weltliteratur

The Greco-Roman Revival

The Literature of Italy in Byron's Poems of 1817-20

Past and Future, Discontent and Unease

Two Types of Wordsworthian Ambiguity

The Anti-Historicist Historicism of German Romantic Architecture

The Theorization of Style

Romanticism, the Temporalization of History, and the Historicization of Form

Wordsworth's Poetry and Prose

The Very Model of a Modern Epic Poem

Coleridge's Ecumenical Spinoza

Byron between Ariosto and Tasso

Ruins without a Past

The Very Model of a Modern Epic Poem

Coleridge on Allegory and Symbol

The Genealogy of the Romantic Symbol

Coleridge's Poetry and Prose Authoritative Texts, Criticism