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Thomas Love Peacock: Crotchets Rampant

Jane Austen's Universals

Eric Griffiths If not critical

Keeping to William Hazlitt

Teenage Writings

Crotchet Castle

Alexander Pope: Unlocking the Key

The Cambridge Edition of the Novels of Thomas Love Peacock

'Medieval Graffiti': Editing Thomas Love Peacock

Byron's Johnson

Biography, History and Anecdote

'Gigantic domesticity': the exaggeration of Charles Dickens

Johnson Personified

Samuel Johnson: The Arc of the Pendulum


Samuel Johnson's Classicism

'To a Mouse': Burns, Power and Equality

Biography versus History in the Eighteenth Century

Jane Austen's Past Lives

Samuel Johnson

Making an Entrance: Frances Burney and Samuel Johnson

Johnson and Austen

Accumulation in Johnson's Dictionary

William Cowper, The Task

Samuel Johnson and the Art of Sinking, 1709-1791

Little Lives: An Eighteenth-Century Sub-Genre

Samuel Johnson and Robert Levet

Alexander Pope: Unlocking the Key

Annual Johnson Lecture

Belief in Henry Fielding

Biography versus History in the Long Eighteenth Century

Burns’s Dominions

Byron's Johnson

Diminutive Observations in Johnson's Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland

Johnson's Departures

Jonathan Swift: Quarrelling with Nature

Notes and Queries

Peacock and the Fictions of Print

Re-reading and re-writing in Jane Austen's juvenilia

Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson’s Classicism

Satires of Annotation

The Celebrated Jane Austen: Appearance and Performance in Volume the First

‘The Confidence of Nature’: Discovering Poetry in Johnson’s Life of Congreve