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Coleridge's Only Tree: Picturing the Birch

The cockle strand

The Brief Life of Flowers

Home Front

Keats, Shoots and Leaves

English and Englishness

Memory, Imagination and the Renovating Power of Trees

The Long, Long Life of Trees

The Roar of the Solway

Jane Austen A Brief Life

'Clare and the Splendid Sycamore'

US National Christmas Tree: a symbol of peace, pride and power

The story of Major Oak, one of Britain’s most awe-inspiring trees

The story of hope behind Anne Frank’s tree — and how it lives on


Landmarks, shelter, air filters – trees are our friends


Art and Poetry

John Clare’s Colours

Wordsworth’s Poetry of Place

‘Of Sea or River’: Crabbe's Best Description

The Moving Tide

Through Burns Country

Lyrical Ballads 1798 and 1802

What is the Language Using Us For?: Modern Scottish Poetry

Burns and Other Poets

Reading Romantic Poetry

The Collapse of Distance: Heaney’s Burns and the 1990s

The Collapse of Distance: Heaney's Burns in the 1990s

The Pastoral Elegy in the 1820s: The Shepherd's Calendar

Romantic Macpherson

The Landscape of Ossian

Local Attachments: The Province of Poetry

Burns and Romantic Writing

Persuasion: The Gradual Dawning

Scotland and Romanticism, Scotland in Romanticism

Brief Lives: Jane Austen

Local Attachments

'Plain Living and Ungarnish'd Stories': Wordsworth and the Survival of Pastoral

A Scottish Renaissance: Two Generations of Scottish Poets, Edwin Morgan, Douglas Dunn, Liz Lochhead, and Robert Crawford, Kathleen Jamie and Don Paterson

Writing on the Borders

Imagined Solitudes: Wordsworth in Scotland, 1803

Jane Austen's Emma A Casebook

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales'

Scottish Poetry and the Question of Regional Literary Expression

Collection and Selection: Poetry and Art for the Nation

Pride and Prejudice

Striking Resemblances: National Identity and the Eighteenth Century Portrait


The Edinburgh Review and the Representation of Scotland

Starting Lines in Scottish, Irish, and English Poetry : From Burns to Heaney From Burns to Heaney

Lodore: A Tale of the Present Time?

Hugh Blair’s Ossian, Romanticism and the Teaching of Literature

Fingal and the Fallen Angels: Macpherson, Milton and Romantic Titanism

From Gaelic to Romantic Ossianic Translations

Jane Austen


Primitivism and the “Primitive” Poet

The Last of the Race The Growth of a Myth from Milton to Darwin

Dr Johnson and the Ruffian: New Evidence in the Dispute between Johnson and Macpherson

The Sublime Savage A Study of James Macpherson and the Poems of Ossian

Conference organiser

Lice, Mice, Bumclocks, Grubs: The Challenge of Regional Language and the Legacy of Robert Burns


Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture