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Three Poems

How Yeats Learned to Scan

Why Do Authors Produce Textual Variation onPurpose? Or, Why Publish a Text That Is StillUnfolding?

The Lyric Turn and Free Verse: Experiments in Poetic Form

An Account of T. S. Eliot's Poetic Development

"Still Doing It By Hand": Auden and the Typewriter

The Work of Revision

You, Very Young in New York

Autobiography and the Problem of Finish

Is There a Text in this Book?

Plain Texts and Literal Sense

T.S. Eliot and the Classics


The Middle Years

The Next Time

Modernist Excision and its Consequences

'But we must learn to take literature seriously': T. S. Eliot and the little magazines of modernism, 1917-1920