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Jane Austen Writer in the World

Teenage Writings

From Kitty to Catharine: James Edward Austen's hand in Volume the Third

Jane Austen's Dealings with John Murray and his Firm

Jane Austen's Fiction Manuscripts: A Digital Edition

Jane Austen on Screen

Being Critical: Paper-Based Editing and the Digital Environment

British Literature, 1774-1830

Jane Austen’s Life and Letters

Transferred Illusions: Digital Technology and the Forms of Print

Jane Austen's Textual Lives From Aeschylus to Bollywood

After Gutenberg?

Is There a Case for a Genetic Edition of Jane Austen’s Manuscripts?

Jane Austen in a New Age

Jane Austen’s Gatherings

Jane Austen’s Secret Style

Keynote Lecture: Arrivals

Never Out of Sight: Jane Austen On and Off Screen

Representing What We Think we See: The Evidence from Jane Austen’s Manuscript Fiction

The Battle for Custody: Jane Austen and her Guardians

The Material Text in a Digital Age

What do we read when we read Jane Austen?