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Miscellanies, Poetry, and Authorship, 1680–1800

From Restorer to Editor: The Evolution of Lewis Theobald's Textual Critical Practice

From Wadham to Winchester: Reconstructing an Eighteenth-Century Gentleman’s Library

Working with Data: Excel, XML, and Poetry

How Many Authors Make a Miscellany? Authorship in Printed Verse Miscellanies of the Eighteenth Century

Verse Miscellanies in the Eighteenth Century

The First Modern Editor of Shakespeare? Lewis Theobald and the Art of Editing

Consumer Collecting: Readers and Their Sammelbände in Eighteenth-Century England

"We read laughing, or regard thee not”: Eighteenth-Century English Poetry in the Library of Alexander Thistlethwayte

“That accurate and punctual Man of Letters”: Scriblerian Ridicule and Lewis Theobald’s Editorial Practice

“[S]ua sall you tak new troy”: A New Sonnet and Jacobean Literary Culture Before 1603

The Thistlethwayte Donation to Winchester College

Shakespeare Inherited: The Logic of the Received Text in Lewis Theobald’s Editorial Practice

Private Theatricals in the Harcourt Family Papers

"Nuneham by ev’ry Muse belov’d”: The Harcourts of Nuneham Park and Manuscript Circulation, 1765-1826

Private Theatricals in the Harcourt Family Papers

The Harcourt Papers: Collecting Manuscript Poetry in the Eighteenth Century