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"No hope of me": Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Wordsworths in 1810

Arnold and Multipicity

Arnold and Poetry

Auden Unparadised

Auden Unparadised

Auden Unparadised

Browning at Balliol

Clough’s Juxtapositions’

Coleridge and the Pun

Coleridge, William Empson, and Japan

Hallam and Coleridge

Hazlitt’s Coleridge

Plenary Lecture: Undoubtedly the Stupidest: Tennyson in the Age of Auden

Tennyson’s Immaturity

Writing to Length

‘Everything is Good News’

Eliot, Blake, Unpleasantness

Coleridgean Politics


Against Our Ruin

Rollercoasters: Romantics to the Present Day

Auden Anxieties

Arnold's missed rhymes

The Poetical Character

Looking at Larkin

Tim Fulford, Romantic Poetry and Literary Coteries [review]

Was that some kind of joke?

Angry, difficult D. H. Lawrence

Thomas Hardy in London

Against the Same-Old Same-Old


An ordinary nothing

Thrill of the Chase

Auden’s Lear

Peter Larkin, Wordsworth and Coleridge. Promising Losses

What Lies Beneath - Housman Country: Into the Heart of Englandby Peter Parker

City, paralysis, epiphany: an introduction to Dubliners

Waterloo and the Poets: A Speech After Dinner

Robert langbaum's continuing romanticism

‘The Beauties of T.S. Eliot’

Stylish Mind - Bernard Williams [Book review]

Coleridge's disappointment in The Excursion

The Connell Guide to T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land

‘Hardy’s Imperfections’

Bats! [Book review]

Half-Fox (Ted Hughes)

Coleridge, Romanticism, and the Orient

Was coleridge green?

Selected Verse [Book review]

The Shoreham Gang [Book review]

'So Striking a Miss-Hit' (Hardy)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

'Are we there yet?' (Tennyson)

Wordsworth, Mill, and the Force of Habit

Look on the Bright Side (Anna Letitia Barbauld

Auden’s forms

Romantic Poetry: An Overview

Wordsworth's Pluralism

Not unnoting all things [Book review]

Betjeman's Tennyson

Coleridge’s Literary Influence

Tennyson Among the Poets

Regrets, Vexations, Lassitudes: Wordsworth’s Trouble

Auden Unparadised. Chatterton Lecture on Poetry

Coleridge's Responses Selected Writings on Literary Criticism, the Bible and Nature

Coleridge on Writing and Writers

Eliot and Coleridge

Tennyson and the Legacies of Romantic Art

Coleridge in England

Coleridge, Christ, and Contradiction in Empson

Empson’s Coleridges

Joy Perplexed: Optimism and Complication in Wordsworth, T.H. Green and A.C. Bradley

Self-Management [Book review]

Alfred Tennyson

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