Administrative Staff

Head of Administration and Finance – Sadie Slater

Sadie Slater

Sadie is responsible for operational and day to day co-ordination of Faculty activities and has oversight of the administrative team and Faculty resources. She is secretary to the Faculty Board; Appointments, Finance and Planning Committee; and Research Strategy Committee. Her other responsibilities include management of the Faculty budget, trust funds and research grants; recruitment and personnel issues;  appointments to committees and examining duties.






English Faculty Office

Chris Bayliss – Deputy Administrator

Chris Bayliss

01865 281262

Chris provides support to the Head of Administration and Finance and to some of the Faculty committees, and is involved in arranging many of the special lectures hosted by the Faculty. In addition to this, she looks after alumni events and communications such as the e-newsletter. She is also responsible for health and safety matters within the Faculty (including DSE assessments), management of the St Cross Building offices and rooms, co-ordination of IT support and purchases, and maintaining the faculty teaching registers.



Waverly March – Administrative Assistant (Lecture Lists, Events and Prizes)

Waverly March

01865 271059

Waverly is responsible for timetabling Faculty teaching, and for creating the termly Lecture List and Guide. They organise the Faculty’s events, seminars and special lectures, and promote these alongside English-related events taking place in Oxford via the What’s On guide, which is sent daily and weekly throughout term time. They maintain and update the English Faculty website, and oversee our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Waverly also administers the English Faculty’s prizes, and is happy to help with any conference-related queries.



Jacqui Collier – Administrative Assistant

Jacqui Collier

01865 271055

Jacqui provides general administrative support to the Faculty members and office team. She is happy to help regarding ad-hoc room bookings within the Faculty, reprographics needs for Faculty members, and any general queries. She also looks after the process for admitting discretionary members.



Finance Team

Katie MacCurrach – Finance Officer

Katie MacCurrach

01865 281149

As Finance Officer, Katie is responsible for the smooth running of the Faculty’s day to day finances. This includes administering research grants, providing advice on matters relating to casual payroll, reviewing and approving Faculty allowance requests (under £500), assisting with academic conference set up and administration, and budget setting and forecasting.


Karen Shi – Finance Assistant

01865 271056

Karen provides administrative support to the Finance Officer, processing expense claims, invoices, and purchase orders, arranging purchasing, and handing casual payroll claims.


Academic Administration

Andy Davice – Academic Administrator

Andy Davice

01865 271930

Andy provides support to the Directors of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies and Admissions, and is Secretary to the Graduate Studies Committee, Undergraduate Studies Committee, Undergraduate Joint Consultative Committee, and Joint Schools Committees. He manages the Graduate and Undergraduate Studies Offices, and the Undergraduate Examinations Officer.  He is Disability Coordinator for Graduate and Undergraduate students at the English Faculty, so please talk to Andy regarding access, or any other health or disability related concerns.




Emily Richards – Graduate Studies Officer

Emily Richards

01865 281140

Emily administers all aspects of the DPhil and MSt/MPhil courses, including admissions and on-course administration such as transfer and confirmation of status.  She also acts as secretary to the MSt/MPhil Examining Board and is responsible for preparing the agendas for the Graduate Studies Committee.



Graduate Studies Assistant

01865 281541

The Graduate Studies Assistant provides assistance to the Graduate Studies Officer, is Secretary to the Graduate Consultative Committe, and processes Maxwell and Meyerstein Fund applications.


Lis Allen – Undergraduate Studies Assistant

Lis Allen

01865 271540

Lis gives administrative support to the Director of Undergraduate Studies and Director of Admissions. She arranges Open Days, prepares and updates undergraduate handbooks, deals with administrative matters relating to FHS and Prelims, and regulation changes.



Angie Johnson – Examinations Officer

Angie Johnson

01865 281197

Angie is responsible for the administration of the examination process for undergraduate courses within the English Faculty.  She deals with all matters relating to undergraduate examinations, from setting of papers to the recording of exam results. She also provides administrative support to the Boards of Examiners within the Faculty.





Research Support

Kathrin McCann – Research Facilitator, Humanities Division

Kathrin provides support and assistance to Faculty members and researchers applying for research grants. She is available to provide advice on funding opportunities and offers support with applications.


Rachel Henning – Research Projects Administrator

Rachel Henning

Rachel provides administrative support to the research projects Constructing Scientific Communities: Citizen Science in the 19th and 21st Centuries and Diseases of Modern Life: 19th Century Perspectives.



IT Support

Andy Davies, Inter-Faculty Head of IT for Humanities Division


David Gridley, IT Support Officer, English Faculty


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