Dr Stephen Bernard

Dr Bernard is the general editor of The Plays and Poems of Nicholas Rowe, 5 vols. (London: Pickering Masters, 2017), for which he also edited the English and Latin poems, and is the co-editor (with Dr John McTague of the University of Bristol) of The Correspondence of John Dryden (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2020).


Dr Bernard published Paper Cuts a memoir (London: Jonathan Cape, 2018), which was equally internationally acclaimed and controversial for revealing that as a consequence of serial clerial sexual abuse in his early childhood, he suffers from severe mental disabilties.




  • A Faithful Register of Facts: Giles Jacob and 'An Historical Account of the Lives and Writings of Our most Considerable English Poets (1720)

  • Edmond Malone and the Letters of John Dryden: A Newly Discovered Witness of his Projected Second Edition of theCritical and Miscellaneous Prose Works

  • Jonathan Swift and A Key, Being Observations and Explanatory Notes, upon the Travels of Lemuel Gulliver (1726), with a new edition of the Key’, Swift Studies 27 (2012), 87-124

  • Queen Anne and British Culture, 1702-14: A Special Issue of the British Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies 37:2 (June 2014), introduced and edited by Stephen Bernard and Claudine van Hensbergen

  • Why Joseph Knight and Francis Saunders are not the Creators of the English Restoration Canon

  • ‘Henry Herringman, Jacob Tonson, and John Dryden: the Creation of the First Modern Publisher’, Notes & Queries 62:2 (June 2015), 274-77

  • ‘The Kit-Cat Club’, Blackwell’s Encyclopaedia of English Literature 1660-1789, edited by Jack Lynch and Gary Day, 4 vols. (Oxford: Blackwell-Wiley, 2015)

  • ‘The other Jacob Tonson’, Times Literary Supplement, 26 July 2015, 14-15

  • Paper Cuts a memoir

  • The Plays and Poems of Nicholas Rowe, 5 vols.

  • Establishing a Publishing Dynasty: The Last Wills and Testaments of Jacob Tonson the Elder and Jacob Tonson the Younger

  • Jacob Tonson the Elder as the Publisher of Classical Editions: A Proposal for a New Edition of Euclid

  • Alexander Pope, Fame Reputation and Advertising

  • The Literary Correspondences of the Tonsons

  • Edward Bysshe and 'The Art of English Poetry': Reading Writings in the Eighteenth Century

  • Eighteenth-Century Life Special Issue: ‘I Remain, &c.’: Addressing the Eighteenth Century Letter

  • Postscript: "Tonson's Remains": The Earliest Letters of Jacob Tonson the Elder

  • The Tonsons and Gosling's Bank

  • "Your most affectionate friend and faithful servant, Lau. Echard": Laurence Echard and the Tonsons

  • A new Brasenose etching

  • After Defoe, before the Dunciad: Giles Jacob and a vindication of the press

  • More
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